Who We Are

We are a group of active professionals and community leaders that use our skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us.

We love to build hope and confidence in each and every person we work with. We love to see people learn to love themselves, respect and honour themselves and those around them.

We love to equip people with practical skills and knowledge to create their own paths to success. We want to see people empowered and hopeful about their futures.

There can be no power in the present if there is no hope for the future. ~ John C. Maxwell

The Ubuntu Mission Leadership Team


Tuwane Mpshe

National Director for Ubuntu Mission in South Africa
Leader, Pastor, Counsellor, Student, Teacher, Marriage Officer. Pastor at Alexandra Gospel Church, Dean of Agathopia Bible School, New Life School and Apostolic Bible College. Tuwane is passionate about teaching Christians the Word of God so they can fully grasp its meaning for their lives and establish it as a foundation for who they are, what they do and how they live. Currently studying for his honours in Theology.


Catherine Schalk

Sales Enablement Expert, Public Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach, Communicator, Event Organiser.  Catherine connects the hearts and minds of Sellers & Buyers. She delivers Sales Enablement, Communication, and high-impact Event Management Solutions to companies worldwide seeking to increase sales productivity, boost customer conversational excellence, increase learning effectiveness, improve customer experience of the salesforce and ultimately drive sales performance. 


Jenny Kilian

Business Mentor & Management Consultant, Motivational & Public Speaker, Facilitator, Coach, Strategist & Leadership Development expert. Executive Director & CEO of Clearsight Coaching. Jenny helps entrepreneurs transform their businesses to drive greater efficiency and growth. She helps business owners and leaders develop effective strategies and execution plans. It is her mission to empower individuals to develop themselves and breakthrough their professional and personal barriers to see what's possible and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Klaas Els

Leadership Expert, Sales consultant, Finance Guru, Sales & Marketing Expert, Business Coach & Trainer. Partnership Director at Adviceworx. Klass is passionate about people, aims to add value through effective coaching and empowerment of people.


Mashau Justice

Accountant, Financial Manager, Bookkeeper with experience in bank account maintenance, financial transaction oversight, budgets, financial policies, and reports. Speaks English, Zulu and Venda. Holds a BCOM and Commercial Practice in Accounting from UNISA.


Tim Ohai

Strategist, Coach, Sales Enablement Leader at Workday. Tim consistently helps leaders solve large, complex problems – especially around the topics of sales enablement and strategic execution. Co-author of World-Class Selling, Sales Chaos, and The Power of Problems.


Tseko Secheka

A community worker, event coordinator, youth leader and counsellor. Event organizer for Amavinkivonko. Tseko is an agent of change. He devotes his life to serving his community by organising special events such as awareness campaigns and feeding scheme events for orphans and vulnerable children in informal settlements in Gauteng, South Africa.


Why Us?

Our Attitude. We look at the economic situation in South Africa as an opportunity while others see it as a crises.
Our Philosophy. We are interested in equipping people for life not just providing hand-outs.  The idea of helping people create their own employment opportunities instead of waiting for jobs to come to them is an anchoring principle of the Ubuntu Mission.
Our Approach. We provide a structured approach to bring together experienced, active business professionals to deliver workshops, mentoring and coaching with willing delegates who want to jump-start their journey to personal success.
Our Experience. We are a powerful mix of consultants, business and community leaders, each with a 20+ year track record in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Learning & Development for Fortune 500, FT Global 500, S&P 500 as well as small-to-medium companies. We also have deep roots within local communities, operating non-profit organisations that help orphans, vulnerable adults and young career starters.
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